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The name Ranomafana has been, for a long time, associated with water cures as it is the second site on the island. Today, it rather calls to mind the treasures of the eastern forest and ecotourism.

“Nature & Logde” is an alliance with is bound to win and this has already beed proved, namely for destinations with Anglo-Saxon tradition. SETAM LODGE is a confirmation of it in region of Ranomafana wich is a sactuary of nature.

Being the closest from National park, at 1.120 mile, is ideal for Lodge. Open window, and here you are – already ! bathing in the vivifying and genuine nature around you. The way you feel will be unforgettable. The concept of an Ecolodge is ruled by several requisites of which the necessity to be in perfect harmony with the environment and to offer an excellent level of comfort.

SETAM Lodge Madagascar
SETAM Lodge Madagascar
SETAM Lodge Madagascar


Is in the south east of Madagascar. At 08 hours’ drive from the capital, Antananarivo, at one hour’s drive north east of the city of Fianarantsoa. It is a hilly area covered with wet tropical forest. The elevation ranges from 0.248 to 0.880 mile. The village of Ranomafana is the only settlement. The Tanala ethnic group composes the main population.

Our Rooms

It boats 20 comfortable rooms; each has a private terrace commanding a panoramic view on the national park, this will make you feel at a total quietness and serenity, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. They are all equipped with air-conditioner, quality bedding, private bathrooms with hot water. At SETAM LODGE, space and comfort are at the rendez-vous to ensure your well-being.

Our Restaurant

The restaurant can serve up to 50 people. Dishes are copious, keen on not disorientating delicate palates while offering the opportunity to discover the universe of Malagasy cuisine. In the room with glass walls, nature is close and never-ending, at daytime as well as in the mildness of moonlight…From the terrace, the scenery over the National park is unhampered.