This park is one of the most visited protected area in Madagascar.

The Ranomafana National Park covers 101,313 acre of rainforest. The altitude varies from 656 to 1,549 yd with temperatures ranging from 30.2 °F to 86°F. 

It contains twelve lemur species, 7 species of tenrecs, 8 bats and 6 carnivorous, like the Malagasy striped civet and some mongooses. 

There are at least 115 birds species catalogued, 62 species of reptiles ( chameleons, snakes and fringed and satanic leaf-tailed geckos are pretty common), 98 frogs,  90 butterflies, 350 spiders and several fishes and crayfishes

As far as the flora is concerned, Ranomafana National Park is rich in ApocynaceaeEuphorbaceae and other Rubiaceae.

The park is open from 07.00a.m to 16.00pm.

Entrance fee :

  • MGA25 000.00/pers for one day visit
  • MGA 37 000.00/pers for two days visit
  • MGA 40 000.00/pers for three days visit

Visitors are not allowed to get in the park without assistance of local ranger. The local ranger fee depends on the duration of the expedition. You can get this information at the Park office where you buy the entrance ticket.

For more informaiton please visit : https://goo.gl/wMTEJ1